Point of View Cameras

The leading online retailer of helmet mounted and point of view video solutions. Our customers range from race car drivers riding the ragged edge to antarctic adventurers in search of new horizons, and large organizations like CNN and the US military.

Carrying everything from the rugged VIO POV series of cameras, to cameras by specialty manufacturers such as Elmo, VIO, and more well known brands such as Oregon Scientific, VHoldr Contour, and Go Pro.

Pointofviewcameras.com caters to the new video digirati who is looking for high performance and personal perspectives. From Training videos to Film-making, shredding powder on the ski hill to ripping lines on a big-mountain downhill bike Pointofviewcameras.com has got you covered.

We Now have a Canadian Store for our customers in Canada and a UK store for our customers in Europe!

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Tiny Shooters

Tinyshooters is the destination for photo enthusiasts who love to experiment, try new things and have fun with their photography.

We source and test out all the clever and innovative camera gadgets that we love to play with ourselves then bring them to you. Think of us as your personal curator for camera gear that is sexy in design, clever in engineering and innovative in results.

We specialize in IPhone and Smartphone accessories for photography and videography.

Bridge the gap between your imagination and creative results with products from Tinyshooters. You will find our equipment powerful yet affordable, offering you the most bang for the buck.

We are located in Vancouver BC Canada.

TinyShooters Iphone Accessories Canada TinyShooters.com

SAD Therapy Lamps

Selling products from the most recognized names in light therapy such as Verilux, Philips, Sunbox, and others; Sadtherapylamps.com continues to deliver the best in light therapy products to its customers.

Every year, tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with seasonal effective disorder whose symptoms can be greatly diminished by using an appropriate light box.

Focused on best in class products and service as well as the best pricing available, Sadtherapylamps.com continues to shed light on a still little understood illness, and provide people with the means to an increased level of energy and health.

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The Get Green Store

Here at Iceberg Commerce, we're a planet conscious group of people. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, but also to find superior products that work better than the traditional ones we've become used to.

From clean burning vent-less ethanol fireplaces, natural and completely non toxic cleaners, to low energy use monitors and fuel economy meters that track usage per tank and overall vehicle fuel efficiency as well one stop shopping energy efficient lighting products, you can trust us to have the latest in low earth impact products.

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Ecommerce Software

Building a World Class shopping experience always requires adding that little extra something, tweaking that one report and sometimes building something entirely new.

At Iceberg Commerce, we love the Magento platform and we've built some fantastic Magento Extensions and Magento Widgets in-house to innovate on it, adding everything from core functionality to the bells and whistles that make life easier for store owners.

Have a look through some of our offerings, there is much more to come!

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Something that people dont always know is that icebergs have about 90 percent of their mass below the water. This is true of all icebergs, and is where the saying "just the tip of the iceberg" came from.

Iceberg Commerce began with the idea that you can always "look deeper" and get to the root of the issue. Web customers only ever see the tip of our "Iceberg", in that there are many people here working and dedicated to making peoples lives better, easier and happier in our own little way. Which is why we used Iceberg in our name. (That, and we also like penguins)

We are focused on niche stores that serve very specific needs of our customers. Our team comes from a diverse background, wholesale and retail marketing as well as both technical and sales oriented careers. We love to find innovative and leading edge products that we think are fantastic get them into the hands of our amazing customers.

Our Mission:

3.To make the purchase and decision process as easy and informative as possible for our customers
2.Strive to offer great products from great companies and support them with great service
1.Customers. First. Always.

Liftoff. If we do these three things right and in the right order. With your help, we will achieve it.

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